Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Make 5 Goals and Step Up Your Game...!

Another Great Video w/Beyonce..inspire us!

Was watching famous Comedian Katt Williams and he really is on his game. He spoke about his success and what it means to be hard-working, hungry and humble. I couldn't find the clip that I watched last night.. so I just found this great Vid on "HATERZ"..

"Feel Free to Hate on Me"

From This inspiration today I've felt the need to Write 5 Plans for Myself...

1. Own My own Brownstone Apartment
2. Love and Retrieve a Healthy Fit Body
3. Book a Leading Role on Broadway
4. Work with Beyonce and Mariah Carey
5. Get Married to the Love of my Life

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Dha Queen said...

I like this! i've been trying to set goals and accomplishing them too. I'ma feature this in my blog. Love it Girl!