Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I Just Couldn't Wait till Thursday...

So yesterday I ran right after work to BEST BUY. and picked up my edition of "Beyonce..I am Yours". After annoying the hell out of the bf..I finally got to watch my treat and boy was it one! ahhhh!! this dvd is by far my favorite live Beyonce performance compilation thus far.

I watched it from beginning to end..
this lady has got it all. And for all the people who still refuse to see the hard-working artist within this woman..I simply shake my head. From beginning to end I was in awe as she gave 100% of herself on the stage. ---She is by far my all time inspiration on my own journey as a music artist..I only wish to learn and apply the greatness that is BEY.

What will show in thursday is a edited version of the concert and the behind the scenes work. If you want to see the full version..i recommend to buy the dvd! Im not even going to review
it..cause it doesn't deserve that..if you want to see it....please please go buy it!!!

"people have no clue how much much time goes into putting a show together.."

I enjoyed the behind the scenes extra because I really got to see the work ethic of Bey. She is not one to play around with. And for some people..they might think that she is just being bitchy. But I see past that..especially working with strong women like the ones who work at the spa, and the theater directors, writers, and artists that come though the DUKE every year, and Cora Cahan (spell?) herself...all these people have the same work ethic..they have a vision..and they are simply striving for perfection.

*** For Audition notes.. I recognize the areas of her putting together a performance that Bey tries to perfect..everytime.

"I think what sets me apart from other artists is ..taking risks..and hopefully people will be pleasantly surprised." - Beyonce

*Her Voice/Voice strength/agility/clear in tune in Performance/..while dancing.
*Her Musicality/ beautifuly arrangements and instrumentation..which she chooses herself
*Her Body/Constantly working at keeping it in shape/lots of dancing..
*Her Creativity/ her fresh arrangements of her songs/use of the stage and full house..stunning!
*Her Costuming/Her outfits are prepared especially for the theme, dancing and feel of the set
*Her Vision/Only belongs to her..she's the boss
*Her Work Ethic/Practice Practice Practice
*Her Details/She's very detailed oriented and knows what she wants /creates themes
*Her Energy/100% everytime

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