Monday, November 23, 2009

Find your Figure Challenge Ends..

The challenge ended this past Fri. November 20th. The night of my Bending Threads performance---> which by the way was a success!

My find your figure challenge was a reason to get back in the exercise game and start working on my weight control. Today I weighed myself and it was 155.6. A whole 1 lb more. This made me a little frustrated..For the most part, i think i did well during this challenge....especially in the exercise department, but I know i didn't completely follow the rules.... I simply took classes..Core Fusion Fusion classes... But technically.. I didn't follow the challenge very well... lets go over the rules real quickly... they were...

#1 Take two pictures on day #1 of figure--Didn't do it.

#2 Weigh yourself and then throw the scale away. You check your weight and then do not weigh yourself until challenge end day.--Did it.
#3 Find inspiration. In pictures of your favorite stars, or buy that new outfit that you can't wait to fit into or watch a show that'll keep you Biggest Loser!--Did it!
#4 Get rid of soda and sugary juices. (Allowed 1x per week pass)--didn't do it.
#5 Water Water Water! atleast 6 glasses a day.--didn't do it.

#6 Get serious about food. Food journal everyday.---didn't do it.
#7 Add more fruits and vegetables to everyday meals and snacks.--- for the most part did it. #8 Work-out 4x a week --yes yes yes! i did it!

The reason I can take this with a grain of salt is because
1. Its just so much harder for me to follow a fitness challenge than a hair challenge.
2. My commitment to the body sculpting classes really surprised me.. I was really working out people!
3. I'm no longer strung over the numbers on the scale..they are important..but they will not affect the way that I feel about myself over this progress.

So in the end..I had a different result in this challenge. I feel great about myself for continuing the exercise classes and being very committed. But I need to work harder. The next challenge will be coming soon!

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