Sunday, December 6, 2009


After a two week hiatus from any non diet
blogging, thinking, or challenges... lol. I've got to get back on track!

I've been planning on how i'm going to re-shape my body. And looking over the things I have accomplished ..and not. I've found that there still isn't a clear regimen here that I'm following.
In fact, i'm not sure if I should be making a regimen or just seeing what works right now.
So i'm following the "lets just see how it works if this..."lolz.
With that being said I'm ready to put myself on a new challenge..In my research, it is evident that the beverages we drink on a daily basis can really be filling you up with unnecessary calories! Especially if you are a soda drinker like I am. Now, I have come to terms with my soda drinking. I love it. But I can't do it every day. Not to mention, I really want to get into the habit of having a lot of water in my eating regimen. So I've come up with this beverage challenge. The goal is to regulate when I do drink soda, and create a routine where I am having a lot of water and tea so that if I do want to splurge on soda.. I can..and wont over do it.
You see, this non-diet thing is about moderation. I want to still be able to have fun and enjoy all the foods I love, but I do want to lose weight as well. So these challenges are a way for me to ...
possibly create a healthy eating routine I can stick to, moderate when I do choose to have not so great goods, have a life and not let dieting be the #1 priority!
Without further adieu..I begin...

the non diet: beverage challenge!

I don't want to make it ONLY WATER. Because as much as water is great..i just don't think thats very practical. Especially with the way that I LOVE soda..and it is the here are the

Beverage Challenge Rules
1. Weigh yourself on 1st day of challenge : 157.2
2. Drink at least 6 glasses of water a day
3. Condense beverage intake to..

Green tea
Unsweetened iced tea
lite lemonade

4. SODA POP - free pass to use once every 2 weeks.
5. Continue working out 3-4x a week.**

**With the Find your figure challenge..the biggest thing I came away with was that I had successfully worked out 3-4x a week. So with every challenge..any successes that I believe should say..will stay with future challenges. :)Wish me luck!

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