Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hair Update: 11 Weeks Post and Salon Review

Very sorry for my low quality pics..they are taken with my bf's phone. Maybe for my one year hair care anniversary..I will invest in a digi cam eh?

So I am 11 weeks post. I had begun last week with a beautiful braid out from Chinablk her vids!

But then a stylist, Eli Lee from Hiro Haraguchi salon at the Gansevoort Hotel in NYC offered me a complimentary blow out. Now, I was skeptical because i'm 11 weeks post! But I haven't used direct heat on my hair in over 2 months, so I figured that I could let it slide just because I felt it was an opportunity that I should not pass up! Eli, was very gentle and conditioned me with his fancy salon product; DEVACURL One Conditioner. He then slipped a plastic cap and let me sit under a rotating dryer for about 15min while we had a great discussion about taking care of black hair. After rinsing, he dried the hair on a low setting with the blow dryer and then pumped up the heat after majority of the hair was dry. Usually at a dominican salon, I will feel the thriving heat on my scalp and it can be irritating. But this blow dry was really easy going..I barely felt any heat..I had to look up at him a few times to see if he was still using the blow dryer! ..I was impressed because my hair was dry fast and easy. He used a flat iron to iron out my new growth. Clipped my ends for me and gave me bangs!


The Hiro Haraguchi Salon Review
18 Ninth Avenue
New York City

I enjoyed my visit at the Hiro Salon. I was lucky to get a comp service. Of course I priced him. But FYI, it is a bit of a $$$ place. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a professional style, but only on special occasions Weddings or ahem..Valentines Day. Otherwise, the price may through you off.

Eli was honest with me and said that some of the stylists know nothing about Black Hair..they usually send all their Black clients to him! Fine with me. He was very careful and very informative. This salon has two locations, the one on 57th street is their most popular, but I visited the one in the Meatpacking district, 18 Ninth Avenue, NYC

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