Friday, February 12, 2010

Transformation Challenge Weeks 3-4

- To consider circumstances, especially those that can not be changed, as satisfactory-

Self acceptance is being loving and happy with who you are NOW. Some call it self-esteem, others self-love, but whatever you call it, you'll know when your accepting yourself cause it feels great. Its an agreement with yourself to appreciate, validate, accept and support who you are at this very moment, even those parts you’d like to eventually change. This is important...even those parts you'd eventually like to change. Yes, you can accept (be okay with) those parts of yourself you want to change some day.


Process Of Acceptance

Acceptance exists at the core of your being. It is your default status. In order to reach this base level of acceptance, you need only remove the items laying on top. To do this, you must first identify all the things you do not accept about yourself. Then, one by one, eliminate them by examining and questioning your beliefs around that issue.


Activity for Week 4

List 10 Things you Love about yourself!


I love my lips

I love my Eyes

I love my old Soul.

I love my friendliness

I love my fingers when I manicure them!

I love my thighs

I love my boobs! they are quite

I love my sense of posture!

I love myself.

List 10 Things you Can do to Make yourself Laugh.

Play video games with my BF; its so much fun!

Watch an old favorite comedy movie

Work a shift with Leah Mendez or Natalie B.

(if you work with both of them, then you'll have bonus giggles.)

Look through old photos of me in my teens with old friends.

Hang out with old college buddies.

Watch all Seasons of Martin and/or The Cosby Show!

Watching people who can't dance but love to dance..its so cute.

Make fun of rude core fusion addicts...they are so uptight..take a yoga class plz!

Hang out with my family.

Make funny faces in the mirror...I try not to take myself too seriously. :)

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