Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fresh Relaxer Pics and New Challenge

I self-relaxed my hair last week after about 13 weeks post. I usually used ORS Olive Oil, which I usually love, but I didn't really love the results last time. So I tried Africa's Best Relaxer. I used this once last year when I had only 5 dollars to spend for a relaxer and I remember loving it...and I still do. It doesn't give as sleek of a texture as ORS but my hair feels and looks a lot fuller. I also joined the bunning challenge..hopefully this will help me to retain length and prevent shedding. I'm aiming for BSL this you think i'll make it?

On a side note: I am starting a Fitness challenge for the summer. If any of you ladies are interested the link to the group is below. Much blessings to all !

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