Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer 's Bucket List

SUMMER 2010.. has arrived!
...And already off to a great start.
What can I say..?
I am more grateful than ever before...
And I plan to embrace this Summer to its fullest potential!

This Summer im gonna...

-take lots and lots of pictures..cause my facebook photo album is a disgrace!

-visit old friends..that I really want to see

-forget about friends that weren't really friends in the 1st place

-accept the past... embrace the present

-take lots of trips to the beach

- find cheap/free summer fun events

-work hard for the $$..but don't overwork myself into misery

-dance dance dance..! because its not really exercise if you're havin fun

-play with makeup

-Continue Hair Journey..BSL here i come!

-try new long as ive never tried it before!

-make music fun again

-cruise to bahamas

-bike riding

-wear a bikini -->now thats new!

-read when i feel like it

-plan (ahead) how to get my singing career to the next level (3month-6month plan)

-spend less time on the internet.. less facebook. living through other people's lives is so not my style anymore

-buy more dresses

-wear the dresses I buy

-smile more...especially during the times when I don't feel like it

-complete my summer fitness challenge on the hair boards.. its not over yet!

-find ways to enjoy my time w/0 spending $

-save $

-pay off some debt.. some

-learn how to fight...

-redecorate my home

-have that honest talk w/dad

-have that honest talk w/mom

-write music..for no particular reason..and with no deadline

-look for more work.. exhale is cool and all..but time for another upgrade?

-upgrade my phone

-take my boyfriend out on suprise dates

-finally book that counseling session.. get help

-go see some live stage shows.. its been a while

-when in doubt.. be grateful

-don't forget to have as much possible!!

-go out w/o the bf...cuz its time now

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