Saturday, October 2, 2010

What I did This Weekend

This weekend is turning out to be quite a stressful one...
I had a few disappointments..including the fact that I don't have any money to perm my hair...

I am now 15 weeks post relaxer! And i've run out of my basic essentials... like conditioner!!

So today, I buckled down and tried to tame this mop that is growing out of my

Wild and frizzy hair. The roots are fully growing out and are very unmanageable.

My hair is air dried from a co-wash about 3 days ago.

The products I used (because they are the only ones I have left..)

are Hollywood Beauty Carrot Creme,

Hollywood Beauty Castor Oil,

And 100% Pure Aloe Vera Gel

I applied the Carrot Creme to my ends and my new growth and sealed with the castor oil.

I applied the Aloe Vera Gel to the crown.

I tied down my hair for 30min. Before I went to rehearsal.

Final Result. Bun for the rest of the day.

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