Monday, October 11, 2010

The Female Brain

Good Morning,

And a happy Monday. As I finish off my morning coffee, i'm so ecstatic to record my new and latest obsession! Its a wonderful book called "The Female Brain" by Louann Brizendine

the female brain

There are many books out there that attempt to clearly target the differences between men and women. Most of the books like "Act Like a Lady Think like a Man" by Steve Harvey and "Conversations" by Hill Harper, cover the behaviors and how we can co-exist; which is wonderful! However, What Dr. Brizendine does is a little different. The Female Brain basically breaks down the scientific maturation of a females brain from infancy to mature age. [The heart of the book talks about how a woman's perception of reality is altered by the hormones that accompany major changes. (A. Wagner)] This book lightly covers the difference between Men and Women brain chemistry and behavior differences, but mainly focuses on the women's perceptions.

Although it seems to be bringing forth much controversy in critical thinkers and other doctors of Neuroscience, I personally love what she does for us women in this book. By following the brain functions of a woman and how her hormonal changes can affect her mental and physical choices, you are able to understand yourself more as a women. While reading the chapters on the what the female brain goes through during the Teenage years or the chapter on The Female Brain on Sex, I found myself thinking, "Wow.. I thought I was crazy and that I was the one who had these moments and thoughts .. but many women go through the same exact thing!"

I will keep this book with me and continue to reference it against my other findings in my life as a whole. However, I really enjoyed the feeling of feeling like I was more connected as a woman. While reading the scientific breakdown of how the brain functions differently in women vs men, Ive already started to feel more comfortable and confident in myself. We are often schooled on Men and how men think, (Dr. Brizendine actually covers this in her 2nd book "The Male Brain", which I will be reading next)--however we seldom view world of a Woman; in which I feel this book successfully does. If you want to learn a little more about yourself and your body, I highly recommend this book. I also think it is beneficial to share with your brothers, boyfriends, husbands and other male counterparts. I believe the way it is written will speak to them on a logical scientific term based on facts; Not to mention.. that they'll really get an idea of what you go through on a regular basis and can begin to understand again.. The World of a Woman.

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