Monday, January 10, 2011

Hair Relaxer Update --

I recently self-relaxed my hair this past weekend. Always when Relaxer Day comes, its a little bittersweet because I am appreciative of the growth of my hair condition. Its been 2 years of my faithful commitment to learn how to really take care of my hair. And the results are truly remarkable!

But I've been also trying to reach a goal of Bra Strap Length, and it seems my hair is at a plateau. Its been grazing the length for about 6 months now, but not getting past this length.

My goals are to continue my Regimen, but to also include Castor Oil in my regimen on a more regular basis. Let's see if this Castor Oil is all it is cracked up to be!

I've been debating if I should bun, but I don't want to! At this point I want to enjoy my length and wear it out. So I've compromised with myself.. And I will be stretching to 14 weeks. And I will begin to bun on weekdays starting on 7 weeks post relaxer.

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