Sunday, February 6, 2011

40lbs is A lot!


I took a measurement of myself on my WII FIT, and it looks like I'm still sitting in the same weight range. Last time I checked my BMI was 30.47, now it is 30.18 (STILL OBESE) BUT I did lose 1lb! .....

But its not a surprise to me. I got real motivated, and then i JUST FALL OFF. Last week I know I averaged 1 can of coca cola a day, which also means that my water challenge went straight into the dirt.

I get so motivated, and then boom... its over. And I'm back to old habits.

blog bmi2

As you can see in this pic, I'm just at 160lbs. Which is still the heaviest I've ever been, And according to my Wii, I'm obese. Honestly, I can believe it. None of my clothes fit. I mean, nothing! I feel sluggish, and unhappy with myself.

This weekend, I realized that I have to come to the acceptance that 40lbs IS a lot of weight to lose. No, its not your typical Biggest Loser weight where I'm aiming to lose 100lbs. And I pray now, that I can have the strength to battle this weight gain, I do not want to come to the point where I keep gaining and find myself aiming to lose 100lbs. (sigh)

So now, that I've come to the acceptance that I've got a long way to go... I've got a lot of weight to lose. What do I do now?

man i feel like crying...

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