Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Change & Adapt

My workout routine is going to have to change and adjust for this week. I really wanted to get in my workouts but i have two interferences that I just cannot ignore.

Firstly, i've got my period. Normally any girl with her period could do the workouts but mine is irregular and when it comes it is very heavy and I can have really bad pain..

even worse..

Secondly, my asthma pump is out! It just ran out today and I wasn't expecting that to happen. It is really difficult for me to do anything without my pump. If I can't breathe I really can't do anything. So it will all have to wait.. hopefully i can get a couple of workouts in..but i don't know.

This means I have to focus on my eating and i will put off my weigh-in and measurements for one more week. :)

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