Monday, July 11, 2011

Don’t Deprive The World Of Your Gifts

Don’t Deprive The World Of Your Gifts
by Tony Gaskins Jr on July 11, 2011

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.“You can’t use someone else’s ability!”

It’s okay to be inspired by someone else, but be bold enough to be yourself. If you can’t do it like they can, then it’s probably not for you to be doing.

The Uni-verse gives gifts without repentance, and It’s given us all special gifts. The key is to uncover them because they are already there. Don’t get stuck emulating someone else for too long or you’ll end up forgetting who you are.

Don’t do what makes someone else successful because you want fame or fortune. Instead, do what makes you come alive because that is what the world needs most: individuals that have come alive!

So today I ask you to look within yourself and uncover your gifts; then start operating in them. Don’t deprive the world of your gifts trying to be like someone else. The Uni-verse made you for a purpose – so fulfill it.

Do you!

Tony A. Gaskins Jr.

Author/Life Coach/Speaker

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