Tuesday, August 23, 2011

NEW PROGRAM: lose 8lbs

Today I weighed myself. Currently at 164lbs. Which means no weight loss at all.

i have steadily held a fitness routine for a few weeks. But then I slipped off the bandwagon. What i REALLY need to focus on is the balance of fitness with eating. I also need to focus on inspiring myself and finding daily motivation..so that i don't slip off..and if I do..I can get back on a lot faster than 2 weeks of nothing. Today, I signed up for the SELF: lose 8lbs in a month program.

The truth is... it is healthier and more efficient if you do not speed up your weight loss. Gradual loss is the key to keeping your body healthy and keeping the weight off---at least thats what the experts say!

If I could keep a steady 5-8lb loss each month..how long would it take me to reach my goal? About 5 months! This is a slow and steady journey. By January 2012, I should be coming up to my goal...atleast around 130lbs.

This week, i started back on the fitness regime. And what i learned from my last workout is to focus on each day and each new healthy decision for that specific day. Too often, in my workouts..i'm focused on the day that is 5 months from now. When I have the body I've always imagined. Sometimes its motivating. Sometimes it does the complete opposite. Treating each day on its own and cherishing what that workout is doing for that day is better.

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