Saturday, August 20, 2011

Go Beyond the Wound

This week has been draining me. Today listening to Jonathan Cainer, I realise that life is presenting specific ideas and conflict to me in order to bring order/calm/and healing.

Today Jonathan says to take the chances that the universe is presenting..I will have to go beyond the "wound". Whatever is going on right now...i've got to be able to see it and address it in a different way. Understanding, i'm sure is the first step, but how to address it to find the healing that i so desire? And which part of my life is it that I can really do this for?...because as it seems right now...there are lots of wounds in different areas of my life. I will have to take this week in stride and slow down. Slow down my thinking and my reactions. Its time to get back on the "take good care" train and find peace and independence.

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