Sunday, September 4, 2011

Last Week's Workout-Log

Tuesday 7.19 - 25min of core fusion cardio - back on track and looking at my fitness regimen in a different way. I'm not at all swayed by my 2 week hiatus..i'm just happy that i'm back in the game.

** yeah well then i had about a 3 week hiatus***

Tuesday 8.30 - 60min of Core Fusion Open Class - back again and feeling inspired but realizing that it is important to recognize the benefits of my fitness routine for today. This class has helped my posture and my self-confidence for today. This class was extremely hard for me. I had felt my anxiety before the class building b/c i was dreading the pain. So these are things that i have to work on...expecially anxiety.

Wednesday 8.31 - 40min of CardioX - this workout was the bomb. I absolutely love this dvd and I always forget how much i love having tony horton in my living room training me. I love this workout because i have the control to make it harder or easier on myself. It def helped my soreness from yesterday. And My lungs got a great workout which is important for the singing that I will be doing today. go me!

Thursday 9.1 - 60min of Core Fusion Open Class - the universe invited me into class today and I gladly accepted..even though it was unexpected it actually worked out really well. I had a great teacher, ms. hesse. she was motivating and I found that I was very present with my body. I like the variety of moves and lots of stretching that she incorporates. If I am looking for a workout that I know I'll enjoy till the I know ms. hesse is my girl.

Saturday 9.3 - 60min of Core Fusion Open Class - today I was tired and not looking forward to working out. I wonder if I ever will be actually looking forward to taking these

*this week was a good one. I feel like I did fall of..but i got right in the flow of things. I am hoping for another great week of workouts ahead!

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