Saturday, October 8, 2011

Last Week's Workout Log

Tuesday, Oct. 4th - Core Fusion Open Class w/Karen - good workout. The gluteal workout with Karen literally kicked my ass. I def have to take her class just because i haven't had that much work in my butt before and thats what i'm looking for!!

Thursday, Oct. 6th - 20min of arms and stretching with cf dvd. I have been going to my mother's house and working out with my sis and mom. However, they weren't in the mood for a full workout so we just covered some arm work. its hard to motivate people and get my workout in too. Gotta make sure that even if others aren't willing to fight, it won't pull me out of what i need to do. Cause i am still in the beginning of my own journey.

Saturday, Oct. 8th - 60min of mix of core fusion dvds. I was feeling a little down about not getting in my workouts this week. The last two weeks have been a bit of a drag pushing myself beyond what I have been doing. I think this is the point where I can fall off, get bored and go back to doing nothing. So I am proud of myself for forcing myself to do this workout today. Yesterday was my 1st life coaching session. I am getting the help that i need to go stay the course. I believe in myself that i CAN get this weight off. Today, I did a mix of the core fusion bootcamp dvd and thighs and glutes work. I did sweat out a lot. I actually feel accomplished that i pushed myself to end the week off right. I am feeling positive about continuing my fitness journey.

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