Friday, November 11, 2011

Update on MY HAIR W/pictures

I haven't blogged about my hair in a while. I've been doing okay with it. Keeping to a regimen of washing at
least once a week. Sometimes 2x for a deep condition. The dryness of my hair has really improved. And the days when it turns out to be extra extra dry, I
now know what products or routine i need to do.

I'm lovin' coconut oil. This is me doing a coconut oil deep condition. The texture of my hair is just so much better with coconut oil. Its a staple. I have to always have a good supply from now on. :)

I relaxed my hair on Oct. 8th. (sigh) i'm still not completely skilled at this process as I only do it ever so often. I miss areas and recently I have been getting burned. So i've got to really learn to take my time and be patient. I'll have to relax in 8 weeks as a corrective relaxer.

My ends are doing better. I've had ends issues my whole journey. My recent trimming this summer with Abby really got my ends at a good level. Now i've just got to be more dedicated on dusting. (Only on new moons tho!) lol.

This is my hair yesterday after putting in Africa's Organic Olive Oil and Coconut Oil. I love this look because it gives that wet hair look and i like this on me. I've just got to learn how to work it so it looks more polished.
I looove my banana clip. It works better on me for styling reasons rather than just a simple scrunchie. HOWEVER, I think my banana clips are breaking my hair! So i've got to figure out what I'm going to do about this. As you see in my 1st relaxer pic, the top layer of my back hair is significantly shorter. I've had this problem my whole journey and its following me! How do I fix the breakage issue without throwing out my banana clips? This is the new challenge for me!

Whats next for my hair? Continue what I'M doing. I have a decent regimen. I want to solve this breakage issue and I want to continue growing my hair. I'm also looking to find styles that really work for me. This is in addition to my "artist bootcamp" as I learn how to style myself and my hair for the stage.

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