Friday, November 11, 2011


"There is a process to success. We much each figure out what that process is for our own life."


Thank you Oprah. (breathe)

I am amazed at how this year has turned for me. I sometimes wonder about the past 4-5 years, where i feel like i FUCKED up. i should have been doing this... and i should have been doing that... But its time now to recognize that I cannot change what has happened but accept it as apart of my process AND my path. And this path is truly unique compared to any one else's because it is mine. This year, I've had the eye opener that I would not have if I had not come down the path I had. So, its all good.
This year, I am seeing the potential that I have to change MY own life.

And this is what has been holding me down for so long... the lack of not understanding this. And now that My dream has been fully realized. (Or...remembered.) I am now on the journey to reach it. I have found a new passion and love adding to the depth of my musical knowledge and background. Learning to write to my own rhythm and music, learning to push myself to go to a core fusion class, learning to listen to my partner, learning to be available to my family... I am re-shaping my life and it feels unbelievable. I have faith that i will be able to achieve what I want. The only thing that is keeping me back ME.

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