Monday, December 12, 2011

Check-in one month b4 3month goal.

And... here I am again!

My internet was fowl and not working for two weeks so i haven't really been able to update. I was thinking of back tracking...but i ain't got time to do that! So i'll move forward.

This year in October I wrote out a 6 month plan to push myself into full gear in pursuing a music career. By January, i will be hitting my 3 month mark and i have some goals that i want to reach.

1. Creating an Online Artist Profile
2. Releasing 5 songs on the profile
3. Losing 20lbs
4. New wardrobe and small photoshoot to put on profile

I have been doing pretty good. My main focus has been on finding my sound, what kind of songs i want to write and what my message is going to be through my artistry.

I still feel very small. Like I am a small tiny tiny dot in the realm of amazing and struggling performing artists. But the stars say now is the time to dream big and go for it. So i'm giving myself this next year to realize a dream lost.

As I gain up to my four weeks i'm anticipating that I will feel rushed. But i don't want that. i want to take time to really make sure I feel happy sharing my talent in the right way by the right platform.

Right now i'm thinking about what i will call myself. i'd like to add to my goals by January that I will have a name that I feel very confident about to put out there.

So folks.. let the games begin! And if you are interested in following my journey... you can click the "Artist BOOTcamp" label where I will be journaling my journey.

Under "songbyrd" label I will have offdashoulda comments and possibly some videos and music samples of my work.

stay tuned!

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I have a question about your blog, could you email me?