Monday, November 28, 2011

Last Week's Work-out Log

Monday, 11.28 - 60min Core Fusion Open: I took Ms. Kat Steers class. She is a former rockette and a lot of her moves were very unique. I sweated a lot in this class, however I felt like I got through it well enough and the hour flew by. I almost feel like I could sneak in another workout today if I had the time. Today I am feeling good as i am starting off the week well with a workout. I've got the upcoming show to keep me motivated. I had to do some shopping today and that as usual was still a bit of a bummer. As I found out with the workouts i've been doing, I haven't gone down a dress size. It's still hard for me to fit a 14! I think about the pictures that I took this summer and I get down cause I don't like them and I just feel like i look so fat. Because then it was still hard for me to fit a 14, I am battling with the thoughts that all of these workouts have done nothing. I'm battling with it, because I know deep down that I feel stronger and I can feel that my body shape is transforming. But most people celebrate weight-loss with a drop on the scale or being able to fit into a size smaller--> none of which I can do at the moment. But, I will fight to see that what i've been able to do these past few months is a true accomplishment. And its a true prophecy on what i'll be able to accomplish in the next few months. I'm going to keep my head up high and keep adding on the notches of workouts. With more focus on my diet, I know i'll get even better results.

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