Friday, April 25, 2008

Eckert Tolle "A New Life"

After a few days of reading two...How to Survive A Break-up Self Help books, I was still finding myself....far from recovering.

I guess you could diagnose it has a fault of patience, but I knew and felt, that it just wasn't EXACTLY what I needed.

Then as always, I watched Oprah and heard about this new book.... "A NEW LIFE".

From the day that I picked up this book and began reading...I found myself beyond in need of getting over a break-up. I found that there was so much more that I needed to learn and grow from. Recovering from a break-up is a difficult thing. But uncovering the roots of yourself...what prohibits you from living the BEST LIFE EVER...why...this is priceless.

So, i've decided, after reading the book, to go back, follow the classes online, and really study the ideas within this book.

I feel like I am finding a new path to healing...As much as I have gone on and on over losing my bf, its not necessarily the healing from a broken heart. Of all the lessons learned from this book, I need to heal from myself...the things that I have placed on my body, on my heart, on my soul...the worst relationship I've really ever been in is the one between me and the world. Get it? I'm sure you wouldn't...but...hopefully going back and really taking in the lessons from this, I'll wake up and find that I'm at peace...and even more, i'll be happy. Is happiness attainable? I feel like it might've been always attainable...and its been right at our hands...!!!!

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