Friday, April 25, 2008

A New Earth- Chapter 1

WORKBOOK#1: A New Earth

1. Why did you decide to read this book?

I was suffering again, through a break-up. It wasn't a big bad break-up. But, It was big and bad within my head and my heart. I was scared to be alone. I felt like I couldn't live without I could not survive without him. I felt helpless and I was finding that I was happy with being un-happy. If anyone tried to cheer me was more of a need to stay...depressed. As if my mind and body rejected good-happy feeling things. I felt like i deserved to be unhappy...because I was a failure at something that I believed to be essential to my life.

I recognized my condition, as I had once before, and I went to what I knew would help. Self-help books that give you rules on how to survive a break-up. I found that they were a quick-fix. But I was still on autopilot..just walking through the motions of everyday being. And I felt that life was purposeless...which made me consider if I was meant to be apart of this life.

I love Oprah, and often get on her next favorite thing. I trust her choices of knowledgeable material, and I was willing to cling onto anything that would give me a quick fix..anything that would help.

I started reading this book, and it was not a quick-fix, but a level of peace that i had never experienced before.

2. Are there specific areas of your life that you think will benefit from the lessons of A New Earth?

Yes - RElationships! Hello..with friends, with family, and with boys.

-Everyday Life

How can you incorporate the book's teachings in your life today?

There are so many things that my mind wants to grasp. In order to let go of my minds thoughts..I want to incorporate the exercise of stillness and presence.

3. Think about the question on page 5: "Can human beings lose the density of their conditioned mind structures and become like crystals or precious stones... transparent to the light of consciousness?" What makes you feel more alive and open, less dense, less bogged down by heavy thoughts and feelings? Could this be the beginnings of what A New Earth is pointing toward?

The mere disconnect with my everyday all day thoughts.

Even though, they are still present...

I know that what I am thinking is not the definition of me. And that is a heavy weight lifted.

Notes from Class#1 -

- the voice in the head can be conditioned from the past
- dont tell the voice to go away, cause it will give it power
- realize and be aware of the thought
- the thought is only a small part of who you are
- Take the time to ask life what its purpose is for you.
- Its not just about thinking positively, for "the road to hell is paved with good intentions" your desire to think positively is still ego driven.
- Becoming Still is being more alert.
"Sacredness is the essence of who you are"
"Everything you do is a means to an want to get to the next moment."
"The end is always the next moment in the future, which never arrives, because all you have is the present moment."

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