Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Weight Loss Diary 142.6......20.6lbs to go..

2.4 lbs lost this week!

Here's my weekly Recap.

So I had goals of Exercising for everyday last week.
I actually made it to the gym 3 times last week.
And I focused more on bringing my own lunch and snacks with me.

I am happy to even see weightloss....
But i'm afraid it may not be legit.
I have not really been eating even 3 meals a day...which may be the reason.
I'm sure the exercising is helping...
I visited two dance studios...and realized how much I would love to get back into dancing. For Career reasons and weight-loss reasons...dancing might be the key to some weight loss.
I do have some tax refund money..maybe i will try to budget a dance card out of that.
Till then, I will just keep trying to make it to the gym.

---While checking myself out at the gym this week, I also realized how much i need to improve my posture. This too could be beneficial from taking dancing. Or maybe pilates?---

This weekend was the worst for eating. I had mcdonalds like twice..and lots of brownies. I know why too. This break-up. This boy....emotional eating is my biggest downfall...and when i'm tired...and stressed...or angry...or sad...i need it. I need bad food badly. I realized while eating a mcdonalds meal yesterday...how much i really hate the food! Mcdonalds fries...are awesome and thats it. Everything else..i could have lived without.

Today, i am already not having a good day. But i after writing...i am motivated to try again.

This week: I will continue to aim for gyming everday. And even maybr i'll create a workbook for me to follow at the gym.

I'm also going to try recording what i eat for the next few days..and see if i can figure out a solution...to my emotional eating!

Till next time

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