Saturday, July 5, 2008

July UPdate


Well, ..sigh...forget about all that complaining of me being too bored or not happy with where things are going. Forget all of that..cause now..things are moving...

For starters..I am still working diligently at Starbucks, but am not doing a good job with keeping a good reputation for one who is..lets say..dedicated. But, with all that has happened in the last two weeks...i think I still have a job. And that is a good thing...

...Job equals money..and money equals paying rent..for my new apartment. Yes. I am finally living in a one bedroom apartment. Sharing it with B. And I'm happy right now, but scared of what the future holds...But as Eckert Tolle says... concern yourself with Now..and then..there can be nothing to fear..cause in the now... all is okay. And its true. Right now, despite all that is set forth for me to do and accomplish... things aren't so bad. I mean...times are Hard...yet sweet. Like a Jolly Rancher. :)

..B/C of B, I got an audition and now am working on a new show! I can't explain how wonderful it feels to be doing music and theater again. Its like a new life has finally awakened within me. I remember the confidence...its like a consistent form of release. Its wonderful. I am playing as an ensemble, but I am also understudy to Nicole. The main girl. It is quite different than what I am used to doing in music theater. Its urban theater, with urban drama and r&b music. And its quite fabulous to just be apart of it. ...mORE Updates to come on this as rehearsals finish up...and performances begin! ....wooo hooo!! I'm gonna be back on STAGE..and i'm so excited I could a river!

B/C of B, I am also going to be working on marketing and promoting for his album release and the FGM talent showcase! So, now I've gotta get my old administrative chops out and start recalling all of the promotional work I did in college. For me, this is a great way, to stay busy in the business, and get more training in marketing...also, its helping B out. And I want to do everything I can to help us both succeed. Yeah, thats the game I'm playing now.

B/C of B, he is getting me into writing music. And is writing a song for me for their showcase...I'M SOOOO NERVOUS! i don't know if i'm good enough for a musical showcase...but i guess we'll see. But watching all of this new song writing come to play, reminds me of how much I love to write..and how much I would really love to write a musical with my own songs!

Sooo..i remember a few months ago..when things were still feeling miserable. But it just takes some time....TIME AND PATIENCE. And you reap the rewards of the things that are dear to you...when they return into your life...again.

...Until next time.

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