Tuesday, September 16, 2008



So, the biggest loser is here to kick our asses! And it is my motivation to take control of MY LIFE. The biggest stress...besides everything else these days is money. Actually, yes its true. I'm so stressed about my money! i'm broke, with a lousy job and a shitload of debt. I have bad saving skills, and I might be in financial jeopardy for a few years if I don't fix things asap!

However, I KNOW, that there are some things that I should really be paying attention to...which is not just my weight, BUT, my health!

Every season, I watch The Biggest Loser from my couch. This season, I'm going to be watching it from my floor, as I myself use the season to focus on my own goals.

Health, well-being, peace of mind. These are the things that are more important.

Cause whether money is there or not, we still have to live. It's my philosophy, that focusing on this part of my life, may make the even more stressful parts..like money and relationships...a little easier to deal with.

How COULD I possibly think i could maintain something like my money and my relationships without taking care of myself anyway? I believe, everything was meant to fall apart, because I could never get this part down right. the Myself part. If I can't take care of myself...If i can't learn to take care of myself the right way, then my money will always be a mess. So my focus now changes. I'm ready.

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Muze said...

girl, i understand. i'm on a mission to get my ish together currently too.