Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ughhhhh& I found a new Hair Salon~

Waking up from a no joke!

I partied too hard for my own good last night. I guess I must've been holding some frustration. I don't know what it is. But although living with someone, i'm starting to feel a little lonely. I don't really hang out with anyone of my own inner circle of friends. So, i'm basically just around the BF's friends..and its..okay. But, i'm starting to desire my own group of people that I can trust and go to.

Speaking of trust, I guess I'm finally ready to write about the past affairs going on in the house recently. I'll only be brief, because I hate to relive bad memories...

Story Time!

So BF entrusted me with some a sexual story that was about His friend and my friend, who have hooked up and were still hooking up. (probably still could be hooking up).
And i felt that the story was QUITE GRAPHIC, and I didn't like the fact that this guy was sharing his sexual stories about my friend to the bf! So, I told my friend.

Yes, I know. The BF would be mad, because this was something that he told me, and if his friend found out that I knew about it..he would be pissed. Well, I tried to take precaution, in letting my friend know that this was delicate information and she should NOT say that she got it from me. I wasn't trying to create a war, however, I thought that it was wrong that this guy was talking about her. And I didn't tell her the whole story that I heard, I merely said, "Yo, this guy is talking about you in big detail. And its not cool. "

Well this girl didn't care. She just went hysterical, calling up the boy and telling him EVERYTHING. What an idiot friend...right? After I helped her by giving her some valuable information, she goes ahead and just throws me out to be hung!

BF's friend called him very angry. And in which, although BF was angry with himself for telling his gf the story, he felt that he had entrusted me to NOT tell. And thus me and the BF resulted in conflict.

I'm very happy that this has past. It does feel good to not be fighting anymore. However, now that it is past, I have learned some valuable lessons about myself and other things.

As I look back on it, I am honest with myself, that I shared that information because I wanted my friend to stop dating this guy. He sleeps around with other girls, and just doesn't care. He has said things about my friend in front of me, and it has made me uncomfortable. Not to mention, my friend is really in love with him---she may disagree---but she really is. After she was done fighting with him, and they decided that they shouldn't see each other anymore...she text him and told him that she missed him. Which proves that she probably will go back to him in due time.

Maybe its not my business to be spreading things. But, I thought I was being a good friend. I would want to know if it was happening to me. And if it did happen to me, I would've been aware that my friend was putting herself and her relationship in jeopardy...and so when its time for me to confront the asshole that i was dating, I would be cautious, not to let my source of information out of the bag.

But, this chick...obviously doesn't think like that. She is just involved with herself. And thus, I probably gave her more credit that she would care about my well-being. Because she didn't at all. And even after it all, she has no remorse about it. And this is why, I just feel like I am alone. But am doing nothing about it. What are friends? If they don't have your back? I'm finding that I have lost friends up the wazoo just for this reason. They don't care about our relationship as much as they just care about themselves. What can I do with that?...I can't do anything. So I just feel like i'm destined to be friendless.... :(

....And got myself a new look....Chinese bangs to cover up my "semi-big" forhead! Woot woot. Its right down the block, the people are very nice, and affordable. THey are spanish, and I think that it will be perfect for me to try to go there 1-2 times a month, just to keep my hair in check! I'm finding my way....I think. :)

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