Sunday, September 28, 2008


Thats me! Thats the group that I belong to...the alone and miserable. I can't imagine that anyone would want to hang with me..i only know how to make others feel miserable too.

Is it so wrong to feel overworked tired and sicka nd NOT WANT TO GO TO WORK?

I feel like i'm going to cry...cause I can't imagine how I am going to get my ass up for work in the morning. I want to quit starbucks!!!

I'm totally sick..and I hate it when I lose my voice. Its bad enough that i'm short and seem to disappear int he to lose my voice is like losing anything to prove that I am existing!

Rent is totally due..and I'm tired of giving in my entire paycheck while MR. BF here gets to go home and smoke it up with his brother in our place!

That shit makes me so f*ckin' mad!! All I do is ask for them to wait for me to get home. And he says no....HOW SELFISH! I'm working all day today..all day tomorrow..and if I ask for you guys to wait for would be nice if you did. Your ass gets to go home....Not to mention that he and his brother are just spending time on MY laptop looking at dumb bitches shake their ass.

I feel like i'm about to go fucking crazy! I'm heading into the depths of depression and its just a long spiraling fall down.

You see, this is what happens, when you spend so much of your emotions, time and money on someone who doesn't on doesn't at all!

I totally had my showcase last night and he totally didn't come! I'm so fed up with it. First money, then my performance, then the bud!

I'm just not feeling this right now. I'm totally ready to fucking LEAVE.

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