Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Find Your Figure: Update


When I first begun working at the spa I was intrigued by these Core Fusion Classes. Indeed I am able to take them for free! And with them being as expensive as $35 per class, I had to take up this incredible offer!

These Core Fusion Classes are full body sculpting classes.. i would say a full resistance training class. The women who take these classes are mainly Upper Class/Upper East Side or West side residents..because they can afford it! Their bodies are ripped. The class targest your muscles in controlled movements..and then uses stretches in between to create a long, lengthy figure. And even though I have had access to these classes all summer...

My mind would often tell me not to do it!

Let me explain further...

I've been on a quest to lose weight since like the age of 9.

Ever since then I've always been just a little over weight. And as I've gotten weight has fluctuated..but usually ends with me gaining more than I had attempted to lose. Most recently, I have been obsessed with achieving the ultimate Figure 8 body.
In my ideal world.. I would have the most gorgeous hips, thighs, and booty, with a slim torso--Yes, I know very specific. And the thought of my slimming my booty down to nothing scared the living ish outta me!---I mean I already barely have cushioning there!

But I sucked it up. And approached one of the African American teachers and confronted her about my "concerns". She smiled and simply put.." I know exactly what your concerns are. And these classes are going to help you lift what you got and round it out..!"

Hahaha..okay. So now that I've got expertise..I've started the classes. Boy they are tough. But I have been taking them on average 2x a week and I'm very proud of myself. I'm doing well and I feel myself getting stronger everytime..and I even feel a little muscle definition! How exciting!

Along with the classes, I'm taking Dance lessons at the BDC studio. With the mix of the two classes I am working out 3-4x a week.

In conclusion, I'm doing well in the work-out area of this challenge. I may want to add some lunge sets from my exercise vids in due time.. Just to make sure that booty is getting shaped properly. :)

Lesson goes to show how your mind cannot always be trusted. Sometimes your insecurities will surface and keep you from reaching your real goals. Just to think that I wouldn't take these awesome body sculpting classes just because i WAS afraid of losing my butt!
So those are my accomplishments thus far on the challenge. And I'm really proud of myself.
What I do need to focus more on is my food intake. This part is not so progressive. I find myself eating maybe two meals a day and they usually consist of cheeseburgers or pizza..and maybe a side of mixed veggies. --Just not good enough. I'd like to focus on adding breakfast every day this week as well as a generous amount of fruits and veggies in each meal.
Until Next Time.

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