Monday, November 9, 2009

New Scarf!

Quick Update:

I've been on my hair care journey for 10 months now and still never invested in a better quality scarf! Well I finally walked through soho yesterday and got a cute green "coco" scarf. I've been using the cheap satin wraps from the BSS stores..but it just kept falling off and it didn't cover my hair correctly. Last night I used my scarf for the first time and my hair really feels the difference this morning! It falls a lot easier and isn't stiff and all over the place! I'm actually not sure if its a real silk scarf..but the texture is smooth like silk and thats all that I need right now.:)
..Just a quick update..

I need to get myself a new phone or some new way so I can take pictures. This new year I hope to reach my goal length of BSL..and I want to capture it all!..

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