Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Shea Butter Me Up!

I am all about shea butter right now! I have been neglecting my hair something bad.. just bunning and going.. not really M&S nightly.. but i guess its not soo bad. Until today when I was taking my workout class and when i tried to adjust my bun I felt a load of dry-unhappy hair and a big pull and CRACK! AHHHHHH! noo noo nooo. And i'm supposed to be getting my relaxer next week, so I really need to add more deep conditioning and baby-ing to my ends. I've been eyeing the Lustrasilk Shea Butter Cholesterol for a while now.. it is still on my "want" list and i'm ready to give in. I'll be purchasing it today after work and running home to clean up the house, and Deep Condition on dry hair while i do. Im hoping this will help bring the hair back to a happier state as I prepare it for relaxing.


And for More SHEA BUTTA ME UP!! haha

On my Bodylove entries I am focused on getting those perfect pouty lips! Well after much research I picked up "LIP RESCUE W/SHEA BUTTER" From the health food store.

I've been so picky with choosing the right products now that I know all about ingredients for my hair, i'm doing the same thing with everything else! I must've looked silly reading through the ingredients lists of some of the most popular lip balms and moisturizers. I finally decided to try this one because it was recommended to me by the lady at the healthfood store OVER the Burts Bees lines, and My fav team at Sephora told me that petroleum doesn't really moisturize the lip it just "coats" it. And...that the ingredients in popular lip balms usually call for your lips to depend on the lip balm for it doesn't actually help the moisture level of the skin on your lips... yada yada yada.. i know but i thought it was interesting.. lolz.

Here's what the packaging says on "LIP RESCUE"..

Save your lips from the adverse effects of extreme weather conditions and environmental pollutants by applying Deser Lip Rescue with Shea Butter.

So far so good. My lips feel happy.. but thats probably because I wasn't putting anything on them! haha.. so we'll see how this lip rescue works out. :)