Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2010 Hair Goals

As the Countdown
to the New Year begins I'd like to take time to list my goals for the different areas of my life...Right NOW HAIR is my FAV Topic so we'll start there!


<---my hair in feb of 2009

1. Moisture is key! -i never did a moisture and seal before Feb. of this year..never! now its 5x a week with regular DC treatments. I'm a changed woman!

2. Protective Styling is fun. - protective styling has not only helped me to retain length but i've also learned how to create new and interesting hairstyles thanks to it. I never did braidouts, twistouts, bantu knots ever...and now they are apart of my weekly styling.

<---my hair in May of 2009 3. Knowledge is Power- And my hair loves it when I take time to learn about INGREDIENTS and what is good for my hair and what is not. This has really been key on choosing the products that will give me the most benefit.

4. Do it Yourself! - My hair loves it only when my hands take care of it. Frequent visits to the dominican salon are no more! I even have gotten better at self relaxing and I just prefer to be the one who does my own hair because I care more about its well being than any hairstylist.

<--- Last pic of the year dec of 2009. Air dried in rollers.

5. Direct HEAT is a luxury not a necessity - I've thrown out my curling iron...don't need it! And plan to buy a CHI flat iron next year for the occasional times. I usually air dry in rollers or braids or straight (sunshyne method). Or i'll rollerset and go under the hair dryer and keep the curls or saranwrap. Don't need no kind of irons to get great results.

6. Inspiration and Patience is key - If I keep being persistent, acquiring knowledge and applying it..I will see results and i'll get better at it. In the beginning of 2009 I knew very little about my own hair..now i'm a featured Hairlista. you can achieve it!

IMPROVE MOISTURE LEVELS - i want softer hair
Healthy Ends..

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