Monday, December 28, 2009

Dear 2009,

Thank you for all that you have taught me. I come through another year definitely older, undeniably wiser, and beautifully ready for more!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone out there in the blogging community.
And Happy New Year to all..I send my blessings out to you and yours and wish for all your dreams to come true!

This year favorite quote was
"Sometimes it works out exactly the way you didn't plan..."-KBOUG

For this is what the whole year has been about. Everything I had planned and desired came true in different ways than I had imagined this year and I am not sure what to think of or even strive for for the coming new year..cause who knows how it all may turn out.

Thanks to 2009, I welcomed in the New Year with a fresh take on my relationship. We had our ups and downs but as 2009 came to an open I realized how much in love I am with this man and that I will be his ride or die chick for real! I began my hair journey through hairlista and Kiss watching my fav girls videos tuts..Chinablk, hairlicious, and traycee..I said goodbye to my loving grandma who graciously died two days before Michael Jackson. I still miss her. I've battled 3/4 jobs this year?! haha but still have two and going strong! I welcomed myself into the hairlista community and now have friends from around the nation who are making and meeting hair goals with me. I've signed onto the Beyonce train and use her work as inspiration everyday! I've blogged about hair, skin, nails, health, and bullsh*t and i love it and will continue! I've reached 21 followers and hope to grow even more! I've learn how much I hate my parents but love them deeper than I ever imagined and I've recognized my importance in my family and how much I need them and they need me. I've drank smoked cussed and did all kinds of bad things this year too..yeah i'm no angel! But I'm learning to love life and accept change as it comes. I have found that God is still with me even when i'm not looking, and love seems to follow me wherever I go. I've learned that its okay to demand what you want out of life and to choose to work as hard as you can to attain it. And i'll hold onto each living passing moment..that I must cherish the gift of life and make the most of every moment on this earth.

Thanks to 2009!

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