Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday Update

Ahhh an interesting Sunday...

I am so tired and beat and worn out from working so much and meetings and family get togethers I just need to get some sleep!

Howevr, I thought it would be important to get down to biz for the new year. With all my goals and challenges I am going to need to hold myself accountable i have planned to include my Sunday Update to keep track of everything going well..and not so well with all of my endeavors.

This Sunday Update I've got Challenges..upon Challenges..llolz

The Beverage Challenge is going..not so well.. I have succumbed to egg nog, wine, liquor, coffee, soda, juice-orange!, and water..maybe sometimes at night.

So I am continuing the Beverage Challenge into the new year..can everybody say yay//
I'll have a tba end date on that one. :)

At EXHALE SPA, my new job since July..I've loved working at this place despite all the horrible managers..Its a great opportunity to take advantage of their therapies and exercise classes. I've now entered into a program that they call Transformation Challenge for 3 months. Where I am in a focused group of 7 people and we are given a program to follow for exercise, eating, and everything else. <----Loves it!

So I will be detailing more of this because I'm required to journal daily.

And thats it for this Sunday Update..until next time.----wink.

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