Wednesday, January 20, 2010

hair styles.. to go


I'm not feelin' it. I'm not feelin' it.

I'm trying super hard to get this hair in order but there are just strands falling everywhere!

I've been using my HE Hello Hydration to moisturize..and That is not really working much either.I'm about 8 weeks post..there must be something it needs that i'm just not giving!

So i'm dedicating the weekend to giving my hair different treatments to get it back to a happier, softer state.

After that, i'd like to focus on maintaining my hairstyles during the week. I'm finding that I can maintain them for maybe two - three days, but then my hair gets old or I get lazy or a combination of the both. But I wanna look great at least 6x out of the week!

I just skimmed through this month's Essence.. w/Reggie Bush on the cover!.whoa babay! lol but I saw Kerry Washington and every time I pass by an image of her I am awed by what i'm seeing! She's got class and so much beauty..and I love her hair styles.. its simple, yet makes a great statement!

I want to master my hair styles.

The Straight Look...

Hairlista Regimen:

I would have to rollerset
under a hooded dryer
and then saran wrap after.
I could do this for the
first 6 weeks after a relaxer.

Hairlista Regimen

I would have two choices..

Roller set with Medium sized rollers under a hooded dryer and then pin curl to keep curls.


Roller set with Medium to Large sized rollers and let it air dry and then pin curl to keep curls.
I can do this up until 8-10 weeks post depending on how my hair is doing...after that....



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