Friday, April 2, 2010


Here are some at-home workouts Just for the Booty..if you want to lift, tone, and get it these at home 2x a day 2-3x a Week!

*Do 4 sets of 10-to-20 reps of JUST ONE of these exercises...

Butt& Hip Thrusts

Butt Bridge

To get more info on how to do this move properly click here..

Get A Round but using a pillow on your Bed.

After you've done 1 of the 4 Bigger butt exercises above...*Do 5-to-7 sets of 5-to-10 reps of ONE of the these butt exercises...

Bulgarian Split Squat

Side Step Up

Single Leg Squat with One Leg Support

Single Leg Squat with No Support

Extra Sexy Booty Moves..

For A Work Out Plan for Weeks 1-5 click here..

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