Thursday, April 1, 2010

Staying Grounded...

I have recognized that I can only do what I can do. If people are not going to be committed to the same things I am..then I might just have to go without them. I deeply want my friends and colleagues to join me on my Hair AND Body Transformation..but even though they say interest..they aren't really trying to do things the way that I am. I guess a journey solely belongs to you..and their journey is not the same as mine. So I recognize that I am going to continue..I have accomplished a lot when it comes to my hair and work out regimen...but I can see the goals ahead of me..and i'm not there yet. Today I'm making a vow to find my support group, but to really focus on myself at this point.

The Journey only gets harder from here on out..and I really need to stay focused on the important things. I cannot let anyone or anything distract me. So maybe next week, it'll be best if I just go to class, do my own hair..and not invite anyone else to join me...cause they just don't seem to care anyway.

A new Inspirational Video by Beautiful Brown BabyDoll..I will be posting this later.

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