Monday, February 28, 2011

Update on Weight Loss Journey

BREAKFAST has been the biggest focus for me for the past week. I take a simple breakfast in for lunch on the two days that I am up early for work.

And then i eat out for breakfast once a week. And I cook breakfast at home for 4 days out of the week. Here is a pic of what I brought to work with me last week. I was so psyched and proud of myself for bringing in food!

Honey Nut Cheerios and Milk :)


My diet pitfalls is LATE NIGHT EATING. I still crave a lot of food when it gets late. I'm not sure how to tackle this, except to tell myself to stop eating! I think i have to make sure that I am eating 5-6 substantial meals throughout the day.

I've also recognized myself in the moment when I am eating and I'm not hungry! I've realized how I use food to "fight back". Its weird, I did it with my parents when I was younger, and I do it with my bf now. I guess I've never been a person who is good at taking orders, and when it comes to food... I "fight back". If my mother would tell me I am eating too much ice cream, I would "fight" by drinking a gallon of water. I remember doing that when I was younger and I drank so much water I vomited. These days, when the bf tells me that I shouldn't have a particular piece of food, I realize that I "fight" by eating more of it. Or requesting a cola. I have been drinking way too much soda lately..!

When I was younger, I fought by overdosing on the foods my mother thought I should be eating, now that I am an adult, I fight by overdosing on the foods I shouldn't. Either way, I'm eating out of spite instead of because I am hungry. I noticed that on a daily basis with myself and its silly to me. I am not a child anymore. I don't have to feel something anytime anyone suggests something to me. I shouldn't feel like I have to fight. I need to get this squared away.

Tomorrow is March 1st and I plan to weigh in again. I know that I am still fighting very bad habits, but I think I have also attracted a few good ones; eating breakfast, cutting out coffee, conscious eating, and trying to stop when i am full. I haven't been exercising, so I don't believe I will lose much weight. But I am hoping to see the scale tip under a pound or so. I like weighing in on a monthly basis... I don't know, it kind of relieves the stress of the scale.

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