Monday, June 20, 2011

Last Week's Workout-Log

Last Week's Workouts.

30min of YogaX
- been about 2 weeks since I worked this was hard to get back into, but once i got into the routine I was feeling great. Afterwards i felt long and limber. Nice to be back on track!

20min of KenpoX-
today my mind wasn't in it. I just keep having so many thoughts about what i WANT to do, and couldn't focus on my workout. Tired, been up since 5:30am and i'm feeling drained and uninspired. Even though last week's lesson for me was WILL, I am not feeling the will power tonight. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

30min of YogaX-
i decided i wanted to do yoga, but i wasn't feeling inspired. For me.. pushing myself to my fitness routines are going to require for me to be inspired. So i went and hit my "inspire me" label and watched some videos. did my yoga..and off to complete the rest of my day. Building my wall of prosperity.. one brick at a time.. :)

MY RECAP: Despite some setbacks, I am proud of me for pushing myself even when I really didn't want to. I have found that Yoga is a great workout for me cause it rejuvenates my mind and my body.

THIS WEEK: I will focus on more cardio.

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