Sunday, July 3, 2011

Last week's Workout log

Wednesday 6.29 - 40min Core Fusion Basic Class -- finally got my butt into a workout this week! i was worried i was gonna fall off.. but here I am doing it. Now motivated to keep going for it..time for cardio workouts now. Gotta do them..cause cardio is essential at this time. :) go me

Thursday 6.30 - 30min PlyometricsX -- don't need no motivation. just pressed play and pushed myself right through. I am starting to recognize how exercising in my day.. puts my happiness and contentment in my days up a notch. I feel like I did something great for myself even though it was hard to get through. makes me more motivated to apply this to other parts of my life.

Saturday 7.2 - 40min of YogaX - i so needed this. And wow do I just love doing Yoga..its my fav exercise right now cause its perfect for me. I have such a restless mind and Yoga requires me to stay in the moment and pay attention to my body.

I was able to bump up most of my workouts to 40min. But, making my goal of 4 workouts a week wasn't successful this week. This is mainly because i took too long in the week to get started. Beginning the workout sessions on Wednesday... i tried to squeeze everything in..but Friday i got too tired. I was very close to not even making it..but i had to push myself on Wednesday to make it happen. Once i start the workout sessions..i GET inspired..but its starting that is always the hardest part.

This week I am going to aim to start earlier, aim for 4 workouts, and get all sessions to 40min. (keeping cardio as prominent--meaning half or more than half of the workouts.)

This Week I will also be doing my measurements and 1st weigh-in since i began this new method of logging weekly workouts.

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