Thursday, September 15, 2011

Last week's workout log

Sunday 9.4 Core Fusion Sport - yehh man. I'm really doing this thing! Did a sport class today which incorporated 30min of cardio along with toning. Just what I need! However, I had trouble with my breathing--gotta remember to bring that pump in with me especially when I do cardio.

*How I feel today is another story. I find myself struggling with being present. Just wishing to get done with work and down to what I want to do. I am trying to not feel trapped in the middle of work and this weight loss journey. I easily fall into the "lets analyze myself in the mirror time" and find very unhappy things about myself. I dont want to run away from the mirror. But sometimes looking at myself is painful. I think its something I need to address for the rest of this week.

Tuesday 9.6 - 60min Core Fusion Open Class - yep. I had to exercise after the weekend that I had. Its been a very dramatic few days..and I needed this workout in order to feel strong. It wasn't about trying to look was about getting my mental to be stronger to face the discomforting situation that is currently happening in my life and to my family. I walked out of class desiring to do more. I was craving an even more "kick-my-ass" workout.

Wednesday 9.7 - 60min of P90X (KenpoX) - last night was so draining for me. I craved to just sweat it out and thats what this workout did for me. i'm finding the benefits of working out are way beyond just the shallow needs of looking good. Working out is pure therapy.

Friday 9.9 - 60min of Core Fusion Open Class - today I took Tammy's class and she is by far the hardest i've taken. I love her gluteal work too. I am proud of myself for really stepping up to the plate and finding times and ways for me to get my workouts in. I'm reaching for the gold.

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