Sunday, September 18, 2011

Last week's workout log

9.12 50min Core Fusion Open w/Jeannine - it was a 2 day hiatus of no exercise. So today was much needed. I still felt the anxiety before taking class. But there is nothing like that feeling of accomplishment when class is over...

9.14 60min Core Fusion Open w/Anna - I needed this class. I saw it as pure therapy after an emotionally heavy morning. I still find myself struggling to make it through. There are many points where it feels like I just can't complete the workout. But there is no option but forward and i am now good at pushing myself to take it. One thing I noticed was that i was able to really straighten my legs during the ab work. It was cool to see that there was an improvement in that area.

9.15 40min Slim in 6 Series: Tear it up! - i was kind of bored with this workout in the beginning. the warm-ups are dull. But once you keep going, it gets realll intense. I love her lunges and lower body workouts. i ONLY did 40min, but i was drenched in sweat when I was done. I think this workout was part cardio and part toning. Will def use again.

*i didn't get to 4 workouts this week. But I didn't really set a goal of how many workouts i am aiming to do each week. i have just been finding the time to do them. So we'll see what next week looks like.

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