Sunday, September 25, 2011

Last Week's Workout Log

Sunday, 9.18 - 60min of KenpoX - I actually did this workout with the bf and it was sooo much fun! The time flew by. I really love this workout. It helps me to get my aggression out and it is so much fun with the more you sweat. Sometimes I imagine I am an action hero kicking ass. This day, I imagined a lady who caused much havoc in my dreams. No literally, she was a person from my dreams who came in and took my man!lolz I guess you can call it a nightmare. Well I sure did lay the smackdown on her!...(in my head of course). Call me weird but shit...I was worked out after using that as motivation.

Tuesday, 9.20 - 60min of Core Fusion Sport! - Heyyy, i'm getting in that cardio! Who knew? I had a tough tough time getting myself motivated for this class. In fact, i don't think motivation ever came to greet me until after the class was over. But, I got through it. I am realizing now how hard it is to keep going. Sometimes you really have to just show up.

Wednesday, 9.21 - 60min of Core Fusion Basic - This was Tyler's class. And next to Catherine's class he is by far my favorite. He diversifies the moves and so it keeps me intrigued and going. He focuses on posture and stretching and it makes me feel better about the body that i am shaping. A lot of the other teachers would just force you through the movements, but he does not. He really focuses in the body alignment. It was a tough class but I felt like I really got a fantastic workout. I feel the differences that are shaping in my body. I want to get back into yoga and cardio classes because i REALLY liked how it shaped my arms. The core fusion workouts seem to plump them up more. I prefer the results that i got from yoga.
--- look at me! I am able to really compare exercises and I can shape my workouts to get the exact body shape that i desire. i'm feeling really good about myself. go team go!

Saturday, 9.24 - 60min of YogaX
-Next week is my last week of exercising before i do another check-in. i am hoping to really come out on top with my performance. I am proud of myself because i'm doing this. every week when I blog, I am impressed with myself. So many years I've talked about what i am going to do. These days, I do it and then talk about it. what a difference!

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