Saturday, October 1, 2011

Last Week's Workout Log!

Tuesday 9.27 30min of Mix it Up! From the Slim in 6 series - yeh today I was aching to get into a workout cause i had not worked out for 3 days!! yikes. I could feel the exhiliration from finally getting in the workout but i just could not concentrate. My mind was focused on other things.. how dirty my house was, the fact that my legs were, and just insecurity upon insecurity. i find that when i have days that i don't work out.. my insecurities start to grow and grow making me unable to focus on my tasks and present moment. going 3 days without working out showed how incredibly strong my insecurities can grow. I am so focused on my big belly right now and all i'm thinking is... this workout can't fix this belly of mines! ...Similar to how i was feeling when I first started working out on a regular basis. This weightloss journey is hard. It reminds me to be patient with myself and to really just stay the course. However, I could not fight off the deep horrible feelings that were plaguing me today. I hope tomorrow will be a better day.

Wednesday 9.28 30min of CF Cardio dvd/30min of CF Thighs & Glutes - I feel like i've been taking it easy this week. The cardio dvd was hard but i COULD only do 30min of it. And i was able to squeeze in a lower body workout at the end of the day. But, i didn't feel like i challenged myself enough.

Thursday 9.29 60min Core Fusion Open Class - I took barbara's class. Her class was good and i really felt my upper thighs working. I also tried a few push-ups on straight legs instead of just on the thighs and I surprised myself that i could do a few! I still have a lower-back issue when we do standing gluteal work. I think its a mix of weak muscles and bad technique so i've gotta work on it.

Saturday 10.1 60min Kenpox and 4min butt workout - I love love love kenpox. it is always hard for me to get into the workout at first cause i dread cardio. But once we get to the kicks..i'm so focused and kicking ass. I could only get in 30min today cause i have to get on with my day. I also added the 4min kim kardashian butt workout. My bf wants me to do these everyday...i'll try but this workout for 4min is hard as hell!! But..i gotta that booty right. nah mean? lol!--> I actually got in another 30min of Kenpo at night...go me!

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