Saturday, October 15, 2011

Last Week's Workout log

Monday, Oct. 10 60 min of P90X Back & Biceps - This was the perfect workout for a day like today. I am tired from an early morning shift and feeling slightly sluggish. I really am fighting to push myself just to get up and do the workout, but i did. It wasn't as challenging because I don't have the right tools, I need to get heavier weights and different resistance bands. This was by far the least challenging workout I have done btw. Here are my stats from the workout..whenever i do p90x strength, I will be writing down my stats from now on...its good to do this to see how your progress is going. (pull ups on resistance - 10, lawnmowers - 5lb weights 16 reps too light, biceps - 21 reps 5lb weights too light, cross body biceps - resistance 15 reps, outside lawnmover - 15 reps, standing biceps -15 reps resistance)

Tuesday, Oct. 11 60min Core Fusion with Jeannine - this class was hard. I was not happy with myself cause i felt so tired I couldn't concentrate on the gluteal set, which is my favorite section. i think this might simply be a lack of nutrition and energy. must continue to get better with my eating.

Saturday, Oct. 15, 30min of Core Fusion Boot Camp - I missed out again on my 4th workout. But its alright. i'm feeling great about my ability to keep going. This is when these workout logs really work for me.. because i HAVE to hold myself accountable. this workout had me drenched in sweat..even for a 30min workout. yessss


Anonymous said...

You should work out every other day. Your muscles grow when they are rested, otherwise you overuse them which could lead to injury. Do abs every other day, split up your core workout.

OffdaShoulda said...

thanks charice. yes i am working on keeping my routine to every other day.