Monday, October 24, 2011

Last Week's Workout Log!

Sunday, Oct. 16 - 60min of kenpoX & 4min Kardashian butt workout - kenpo does it for me everytime. it helps the aggression push out of me and put it into physicality. My weight loss journey is turning a corner now. We started off well but now we are in the meat of things. Pushing myself to keep going and avoid a plateau, focusing on my eating habits, and bringing up the emotional settings that make me overeat in the first place. this is where i am now..and its gonna get bumpy. thanks to kenpox..i can drain myself of the heavy energy.

Monday, Oct. 17 - 50min of Core Fusion Cardio - Yes. This class was hard as hell! but it was just the workout I needed. Cardio workouts are by far harder for me to get through.. but its what I need. two so far this week..gooo goo team!

Thursday, Oct. 20 - 50min of YogaX & 4min Kardashian butt workout - i've noticed about myself that it is always hard to get back into a workout after 2 days of rest. i think it would be best for me on this journey to keep it to a day of rest and get back in on the next day. Yoga was hard, but not as hard as last time. I feel I am getting stronger. i've only been able to do about 45min of it. Today I did time i'll keep it to 50 or try to bump it to 55min. Kardashian always hard..but i can feel that i am stronger than the 1st time i ever tried it.

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