Monday, November 28, 2011

THE 80/20 Rule

Yesterday, I read in a health and fitness magazine about balancing food and fitness. What really made my eyes pop out is that the experts say that EATING is everything when it comes to your weight loss. Eating consists of 80% of weight loss, while working out is 20%. What they say is that working out is for burning calories and for maintaining weight, toning the body, but if I want to lose the fat..i've got to get on healthier eating habits.

Lately its been a struggle across the board, but I am in good hopes as it is still early this week and I have the whole week to make it worth my while. Since I've been on a workout regimen for the past 2 or so months..i'm okay with this. I know what works for me..its just about me doing it.

But eating, is the hardest part and I am now beginning this next stage in my journey where my eating is going to have to be focused on. I have decided to follow along with the beautiful brown baby doll winter weight-loss challenge. I have found that support through this journey will be THE only way to weightloss success.

My Fitness plan this winter is to maintain 3-4 workouts a week.

My eating plan is to journal and record my eating as I have done with my workouts for the next 2 months.

I will be focused on....

1. Eating Breakfast everyday
2. Including more fruits and veggies in my meals
3. Cutting down carbs


I have decided that I will be following her challenge. Although I have already started my journey a few months ago, this is another stage that I am entering in. And to stay consistent and add more challenge to my eating, I am going to need that support. So with every video she posts, i will post here to keep as a check-in/support time.

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