Sunday, November 27, 2011

Last Week's Workout Log

Monday, November 7th - 60min of Kenpox - BACK ON TRACK.

Friday, November 11th - 50min of CF dvd thighs and glutes - work it. I am still in this game. i'm not going to let go of my dreams. Its been a rough 2 weeks, but i've still got my eyes on the prize. I have one more day to get in 3 workouts. November 15th is my internal "artist bootcamp" check-in. I'll finally do a weigh-in then.

Saturday, November 12 - 15min of Ab Ripper X - got in 15min worth of a great ab exercise!


Monday, November 21 - 15min Ab Ripper X and 10min of YogaX - you gotta get it in where you can fit it in! Since i'm pushing my self to get back into gear the only thing i told myself today with this work out is to show up... do what you can and breathe.

Friday, November 25 - 60min Core Fusion Open Class - this was a great class. although I can't help to call myself out for not getting my workouts in. I just dred the pain! But no pain no gain. What is most apparent to me is when I do work out on a regular basis, I have a clearer confident mindset. When I lose out on my workouts I can def feel insecurities coming back. I experienced this about a month ago when I slowed down on my workouts then and i'm feeling it now. Its all about the journey and finding my pace and consistency..I just want to get back on track and move forward.

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