Monday, May 2, 2011

Whats Next?

Its so weird not having any work to do besides actual work at my job! I am feeling weird at the moment. But my momentum is up... I feel the desire of music ringing in my ears and flowing through my blood. Everything within me is telling me to keep going!

I am so proud of myself, because after college, I went through a serious lull. And as I started to get myself back into singing and performing I was face to face with a lot of things that I needed to fix. As an artist, we are probably never completely happy with our work, and there were moments this weekend where I was upset that it didn't go exactly as planned, but overall I've never felt better about where I am vocally and perfoming wise. I had lots of good feedback and I am going to run with it!

But its not over... as a performing artist, I am looking to grow even more and expand even more. I want to work more on technique, range, versatility, agility, and stamina. I know I come in a small package, but I believe I have a lot to offer to the music and entertainment world. Its what I was made for..and I just can never quit or let go. I know I have what it takes to better myself and improve ten-fold... I've already proven it to myself already..the only thing to do is to keep going.

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